What is Rightech IoT Cloud?

Rightech IoT Cloud (RIC) is a real-time Internet of Things cloud platform that serves as a universal framework for building IoT applications. It allows connecting and combining any devices regardless of their protocols within the same business process and without any extra coding that is not related to developing your target applications.

Focus on your Applications

The actual value of any IoT case is generated by applications and not by devices, networks or platforms. Applications extract insights from data, do predictions, assist with decision-making, supplying interfaces for the end-user. You’d naturally want to focus all your human, financial and time resources on developing your applications.

This is where Rightech IoT Cloud steps in. It serves you as a framework that covers every basic issue of an IoT case allowing you to know have literally no IoT expertise and still build a complex IoT case.

No excess coding

Automatic data serialization and normalization, the business logic visual editor allows to design any imaginable scenarios and automatically transforms them into code

Any device, any protocol

An API with a very high level of abstraction allows to address any device the same way regardless of their protocols

Straight to applications

Application enablement platform supplies every building block to allow going straight to creating Applications

No technological slavery

Develop your applications as completely encapsulated services without any technological dependence

IoT framework is a better way

Have you ever thought of building your own satellite, launching it, taking pictures of the Earth to use maps in your app? It’s obviously too expensive, takes too long and requires a bunch of rare and very highly paid programmers and engineers. The reasonable thing to do is to use one of the existing map service’s API.

It’s the same story with IoT. The entry barrier is very high even for those who can manage creating their own platform. Using the right IoT framework gives you some nice benefits.

Faster time-2-market

The project’s team is assembled faster, devices picked and connected quicker and the application development starts sooner. The entire project can be launched in weeks instead of months

Lower TCO

Тoo expensive IoT-skilled programmers in the team, no need to build and maintain an expensive cloud infrastructure. Spare resources can be allocated more efficiently to support application development

Higher flexibility

Any device combination can be used that best suits the project’s needs, devices can be changed, and new types can be freely added after the launch

Lower risks, less downtime

Hardware suppliers can be diversified and replaced if you find better quality or lower price, automation scenarios can be modified any time and can be immediately launched without any downtime

Why RIC?

We don’t say that there are no other AEPs on the market. But we do stand out as we lower the entry barrier for you no matter whether you’re a startup, an R&D department or even an individual developer. With Rightech you can really focus on your idea.

Any device with any protocol can be connected

Literally, even your old kitchen TV or your 20-year-old office conditioner. If it has a protocol — than it can be connected

You can afford to know NOTHING about IoT

Really, the idea is what’s valuable, we give you the perfect tool to take it to market while it’s hot. And if you’re skeptic about this statement then think if you ever wanted to launch your own satellite to use geolocation services.

Transparent and comfy pricing

We earn when you earn which is why prototyping will not cost you a dime, and after you launch your costs will rise proportionally to your scaling

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